Merry Christmas

Dec 16, 2012 | Uncategorized

It is that time of year again; the holidays are here and everyone is busy at the B&B.  My job is to keep Tille from eating ornaments off the tree and pulling the greens out of pots out on the patio.  She is a high energy puppy but, on the plus side, she has me up, moving and chasing here around the garden.  It allows for very little down time for me which I value during our quiet season but I have gotten used to her sharing my toys, blanket and owners.  We paused for a moment tonight to take pictures with the tree up in our living quarters – they have to be quick with the camera since Tille hasn’t learned to sit still yet.  With all the guests expected this coming year I am sure she will have lots of practice at posing and will get much better at it.  Merry Christmas to you and wishing you a happy 2013.

Merry Christmaslove, Lupi and Tille

Merry Christmas
love, Lupi and Tille


Your home and your hospitality are both gracious and wonderful. We are very lucky to have stumbled across you and wish you the greatest success.

- Vicky and Taft of the U.K.

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