Exploring the Peninsulas

Wednesday, January 5th, 2011 at 5:03 pm

Maine is such a great place to explore and for Amy and Mark this happens in the off season since there just is no time in the summer and fall. Yesterday they took a trip down one of the peninsulas which, in this case, is a series of islands connected by bridges. First is Great Island, then Orr Island and then Bailey Island. To get to Bailey Island you pass over the Cribbstone Bridge which was recently renovated this past summer. It is much smoother now but still narrow enough that is makes you think you will brush the car coming in the opposite direction. At the end of Bailey Island is Lands End and the Giant Steps. It was quite cold out but a little walk was in order and the ocean is beautiful no matter what the season. As in a lot of places along the Maine coast, they saw lobstermen working despite the cold and Amy and Mark took a little time to act silly and enjoy the great day. Pictures are posted on our B&B Facebook page and I have added a couple here for you to see.

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