Yeah the dog sitter’s coming!

Sep 28, 2010 | bed and breakfast, dog, vacation

Yeah the dog sitter’s coming!
Many guests ask Amy and Mark what they do to get away and how that happens since they have a B&B to run. Well, they are actually leaving for a couple days – my cousin (their neice) is getting married this weekend so they are off to Ohio. So what happens here while they are gone? Well, I get spoiled rotten by the dog sitter, Cindy, who comes and spends the weekend with me and the B&B is closed for a couple days. Yes, there are inn sitters out there but Amy and Mark are a bit picky about how things are done around here so to save them undue stress worrying about what is happening back at the homestead while they are away, it is just easier to close down. They get a nice break after a busy summer season and before all the leave peepers hit town for the fall, and I get Cindy. She is an awesome dog sitter -she spoils me rotten (not like that doesn’t happen on a daily basis)and also takes good care me with feedings, fresh water and lots of play. So as much as I miss them when they are away, I know I will be well taken care and they will be back soon!


Wow! We cannot wait to return to this extraordinary B&B!! We loved it here; it has been so comfortable and welcoming. Thanks for a terrific weekend.

- Karen and Jeff

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