What is a welcome?

Feb 20, 2010 | B and B, Bath neighborhood, bed and breakfast, greeter, greeting, welcome

After all these years I think I finally figured it out – barking from the upstairs window and at the garden gate is not the “official” welcome Amy and Mark are looking for from me. I wondered why they always were correcting me or bringing me inside from the garden. I think I need to tame it down or have an “official” welcome – cute me, ready to be patted and fussed over – and my own version which involves a lot of barking. I need people to know I am here. And I need to let those other dogs in the neighborhood, especially the ones that walk by, that this is my house and yard! Not that people can really miss me – sometimes they think I am a rug on the patio and then I get up and start moving and scare them a bit. Imagine, someone thinking I am scary. That is pretty unheard of in my world.

Been watching a lot – out the window at the neighborhood happenings (it is pretty quiet) and the t.v. A lot going on there with the Olympics (way to go Maine’s Seth Westcott) and the big dog show. Of course, my breed, Bergamasco Sheepdogs, are not accepted by the AKC so we are not allowed to show off at the big event but I do always root for the herding/working dogs. We must stick together.

Back to work -guests arriving so I will try to tone it down.


Thank you for such a homey, wonderful stay! I loved your breakfast (the best!), your inn and your magnificent dog! See you again soon.

- Kareen

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