The season’s starting early

Thursday, April 15th, 2010 at 3:41 pm

I was on a brief vacation – no I didn’t get to go anywhere just Amy and Mark but I did get a cool dog sitter, Cindy, to come and stay with me. She does like to spoil me rotten and I pouted a bit more than I was feeling just so I could get some extra attention. But Amy and Mark are back from their little trip and work has begun again. Although it is only mid April – the patio is back open for the season with the comfy furniture, the tinkling fountain and the garden starting to bloom. I am really trying to not step on the plants coming up but I do love to walk in the garden. I must say it is looking quite good and is a great place for guests to relax, put up their feet and enjoy afternoon tea. I’ll try and contain myself and not beg too much for a little tea treat for myself. Hope to see you soon relaxing on our patio.

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