The season’s starting early

Apr 15, 2010 | afternoon tea, B and B, bed and breakfast, garden, getaways, guests, patio

I was on a brief vacation – no I didn’t get to go anywhere just Amy and Mark but I did get a cool dog sitter, Cindy, to come and stay with me. She does like to spoil me rotten and I pouted a bit more than I was feeling just so I could get some extra attention. But Amy and Mark are back from their little trip and work has begun again. Although it is only mid April – the patio is back open for the season with the comfy furniture, the tinkling fountain and the garden starting to bloom. I am really trying to not step on the plants coming up but I do love to walk in the garden. I must say it is looking quite good and is a great place for guests to relax, put up their feet and enjoy afternoon tea. I’ll try and contain myself and not beg too much for a little tea treat for myself. Hope to see you soon relaxing on our patio.


Your home and your hospitality are both gracious and wonderful. We are very lucky to have stumbled across you and wish you the greatest success.

- Vicky and Taft of the U.K.

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