Sorry – We Don’t Allow Pets

Jun 14, 2017 | Uncategorized

We get a lot of request from prospective guests asking to be allowed to bring their furry family members when they come to visit and they are disappointed when we tell them we are not “pet friendly”. That is a bit of a misnomer though – we love pets obviously. Here I am blogging and Picco, our newest furry family member, is set to arrive next week. The issue arises when pets are in the guest rooms. It is not an issue of dogs being on their best behavior but an allergy issue. I am not allowed in any of the guest bedrooms and only allowed in certain areas of the house. Picco will be following these same rules when he arrives. Amy and Mark started this rule as soon as they moved here so that guests who have allergies to pets can still come and enjoy our B&B. Many of these people with allergies are pet lovers but just cannot be around them. With only 4 rooms it is not feasible to a designate “pet friendly” a room or two. So as much as I would love to have a temporary playmate, guests are going to have to be happy with a surrogate dog to give them all that furry love.

Hoping to be greeting you soon!


Sorry – We Don’t Allow Pets


What a delightful surprise! Our room was so inviting as was the whole home. Excellent food and company. We wish we could stay longer! - Dave and Kris

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