Revived and Refreshed

Mar 18, 2016 | Uncategorized

It is that time of year when the cold, dark months are ending and we begin to enjoy a little more warmth and daylight. It is energizing to bask in the sun a bit longer and not have to walk on ice covered puddles. Amy and Mark are also getting re-energized. After completing the kitchen renovation with new stove, sink and counter

kitchen remodel

kitchen remodel

tops they headed off to Key West for a long week of sun soaked beaches, warm ocean waters and lots of great food. They stayed at a wonderful inn called the Amsterdam’s Curry Mansion Inn and met some great people. Now they are back and ready to dive back into being innkeepers.

Lupi and I are also rejuvenated. One of our favorite dog sitters stayed with us while Amy and Mark were away. It is always fun when the sitter comes because we get a bit spoiled.

ALvjEE1f5xblZ-A2pywWxomINqyt6hFAowVnteDYlVCECWOkU9f1aDa8D0QFippb71HpbN4BGT3p5OQAWdMff0xpKqJ225NwAHwcUU9KVTrlrK3t94AHXziJ_BL9WU-p-Q~~The crocuses and daffodils are starting to come up in the garden, Amy is decorating inside the house with spring colors and the sunshine is shining brightly through the windows! We are taking lots of reservations for the coming months and are hoping to see you all soon!

Happy Spring!



You have an extraordinary B&B! You spoiled us with your attention and we are grateful. We look forward to staying with you again in the fall. Thank you, thank you!

- Faith and Peter

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