Perfect Day for Baking Bread

Wednesday, May 19th, 2010 at 7:26 pm

Today was chilly and rainy – I hate going outside in this kind of weather – but it was the perfect day for baking bread. Amy bakes all the bread that is served to our guests. She makes wonderful cinnamon bread which she slices thick and makes into french toast or an English muffin bread that she toasts and serves topped with ham, poached eggs and cheese and a classic wheat bread which goes great with the frittatas. She makes many different kinds and is always trying new ones or adapting old recipes but today she made my favorite – Italian bread. Being of Italian heritage, of course, I love this one. For Amy, who used to work in the Little Italy section of Erie, PA, it is a reminder of the smell of baking bread early in the mornings which filled the air and enticed her to buy bread for her breakfast. She has finally settled on a recipe that reminds her of that bread from Erie’s Little Italy and our B&B was full of that delicious smell today. It is quite a long process with all that rising time but well worth the waiting. I took some pics throughout the day so you can see the product from beginning to end. Too bad I can’t send a taste through the blog – it came out perfect!

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