Our Window Garden

Sunday, January 8th, 2012 at 7:50 pm

During the warm months, we have a wonderful garden at the Benjamin F. Packard House. I love laying under the rhododendren bush and watching the butterflies and hummingbirds frolick among the flowers. The garden was put to bed many months ago, but Amy did bring in a couple plants indside and they are flourishing in the kitchen window.

The rosemary is actually doing better inside than it did in the summer heat. Amy also dug up two Gerber Daisies, cut them way back and potted them. Their leaves are now sprouting up and enjoying the warm afternoon sunshine.

Complimenting these plants are the Christmas cactus with a few blooms left (it actually bloomed at Thanksgiving this year) and a Amaryllis which will hopefully bloom soon.

Watching the plants thrive and bloom gives us hope for an early spring on the dark winter days.

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