Our B and B Kitchen Remodel

Tuesday, February 9th, 2010 at 9:10 pm

My owners were very busy today with the continuing remodel of the kitchen. I stayed upstairs in our living quarters away from the noise and dust. I heard the sledge hammer on the tile floor (good thing that is gone it was so slippery when I came in with wet feet) and when I went down for supper it was all gone. Amy got the kitchen almost all painted – just a couple touch ups and the radiator to do plus the last of the cupboard doors to finish. I am loving the new colors and I think guests will too. Of course, this coming weekend they will have to forgive the unfinished floors as the new one will not arrive for a couple weeks at least. Good thing my hair provides good padding to lay on the wood floor boards that will be our floor for the next couple weeks. I’ve posted some pictures so you can all see the new colors!

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