New Gardens

Apr 27, 2010 | B and B, bed and breakfast, garden, planting, plants, springtime

You can definitely tell spring is here when Amy and Mark start working outside every chance they have. Sunday was no exception. With the patio garden coming up and pretty much set with perennials, they have started working on the front of the house and creating a new garden on the side by the garage. This will leave less lawn to mow and also create a pretty sight when guests park in the driveway. Sunday was spent ripping out a very stubborn evergreen at the corner of the house by the drive. Between digging, cutting with a chain saw and a regular saw and the strap hooked to the Explorer to pull on the bush it finally came out. For once, Amy and Mark were dirtier than me after playing in the garden. I really should have taken some pictures. They also starting removing some sod for the side garden and I know Amy is much anticipating the Bath Garden Club’s plant sale in May. They have decided on some larger trees for the front including a PG Hyderangea and a Weeping Cyprus for the corner. A couple more decisions on plants, lots of digging and hard work and it will be finished. I’ll post pictures then – I am sure they will appreciate that more than pictures of dirty innkeepers from the Sunday experience.


What a treat – beautiful house, wonderful breakfast, delightful patio, warm hospitality.

- Roberta

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