Make Everyday Romantic

Feb 12, 2010 | B and B, bed and breakfast, romance, Valentine's Day

Make Everyday Romantic

Even I enjoy a romantic Valentine’s Day and I am a cuddler by nature so hopefully some cuddling is on the agenda for this weekend. But any day can be romantic if you just put a little thought into it – you don’t have to wait until the calendar falls to February 14th. A little note in a briefcase, doing that daily chore that your significant other always does (like feeding the family pet), or setting a pretty table for dinner can make a big impact and let someone else know you are thinking of him/her. At our B&B my owners work hard to make guests’ weekends romantic, especially on Valentine’s Day, and they always say it is in the little things, the details. Take this romance basket that comes with the Valentine’s Day Package – packed with little things – a romantic CD, traditional candy hearts, a potted miniature rose, champagne glasses and a gift certificate to one of Bath’s great restaurants. Nothing over the top – just a few small gifts to add to the stay.


The Benjamin F. Packard House is an 18th century shipbuilder’s home now owned by especially friendly, helpful hosts.

- The Boston Globe

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