Maine Innkeeping in the Quiet Season

Feb 3, 2010 | bed and breakfast, innkeeping, Maine, off season, quiet season

I am lazy in the quiet season, that time from when all the tourist leave at the end of October until they return in May. Oh there are some guests filtering in and out on the weekends at the B&B but it is much quieter during the winter. My owners, of course, are busy. Amy and Mark try to get all the maintenance done during this time and I am not much help with those things. They are currently painting the kitchen to get ready for the new kitchen floor. I tried helping and now have some paint in my dreadlocks which will probably never come off. The new floor will be nice – I love laying in the kitchen when breakfast is going on – I get lots of attention (“Lupi get out of the way – do you have to lay right in front of the refrigerator?) and you never know when a piece of bacon might be left over and come my way. Amy will be doing some things today to get ready for the big romantic holiday weekend coming up – we’ll see if I can offer her some help with that or maybe I’ll just curl up in front of my window on my comfy bed and dream of the coming season when everyone will be making a big fuss over me!


Wow! We cannot wait to return to this extraordinary B&B!! We loved it here; it has been so comfortable and welcoming. Thanks for a terrific weekend.

- Karen and Jeff

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