It is the waiting that is hardest

Friday, June 11th, 2010 at 3:33 pm

People ask all the time about what it is like to be an innkeeper. Amy and Mark tell them how it is a lifestyle not just a job and it is not for everyone. All three of us love it – meeting new people, hearing about other people’s travels, telling people about Bath and what a cool little city we live in, and of course, all the attention I get. The hardest thing about innkeeping is the waiting… waiting for guests to arrive, waiting for guests to come down to breakfast (for me personally waiting until they are done with breakfast to see it any leftovers will make it in to my dish)and on nights when we are not full, waiting to see if we will get guests who have not booked ahead. Good thing we have a comfortable place to wait! Here I am sitting by the garden gate waiting for guests (or anyone else who stops by to say hello)!

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