Hot, Humid and Happy

Jul 19, 2010 | B and B, bed and breakfast, guests, vacation

Well it has been hot and humid here in Maine which is a bit unusual since this type of weather usually doesn’t last this long. Despite this weather, I have been happy -lots of guests fussing over me and long afternoons of being lazy under the pine tree on the patio. This is our busy time of year, beginning in July and through the end of October so Amy and Mark are in the thick of it but enjoying the new people passing through and the guests who return year after year. We just had a nice young couple return for their second anniversary after spending their honeymoon here! A nice sweet deal for returning guests is the 10% off Amy and Mark give them on the room rate. My patio has been busy with guests enjoying tea in the afternoons and sitting out in the evenings when it cools down to listen to the quietness and relax after dinner at one of Bath’s great restaurants. Our B&B is truly a relaxing getaway whether you are staying for one night or for a week – a nice calm port in the middle of the vacation whirlwind.


Thank you so much for your generous hospitality. Everything was absolutely perfect. The rooms were amazing and your cooking was delicious. We couldn’t image staying anywhere else. We will be back again soon! Thank you.

- Angela and Dave

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