Happy Fall

Oct 30, 2015 | Uncategorized

Lupi and I love playing in the leaves! I am the cute one in the background.

Lupi and I love playing in the leaves! I am the cute one in the background.

I know I am doing a terrible job with my blogging responsibilities. I could blame the fact we have been so busy and I have been greeting guests but that is not the whole truth. We have been very busy – in fact I heard Amy saying it has been the busiest season in the 10 years they have been open – but the reality is I like to play and lay in the sun and relax with an afternoon nap. I am a teenager and when Lupi handed this job to me he must have forgotten what it is like to be young. He is up there in years at 13 1/2 so a bit forgetful. I am trying to get back on track so bear with me and I will try to keep you up to date on a more regular basis.

Fall has arrived in full force in midcoast Maine and it is beautiful. The rain and wind the other night has brought down a lot of leaves and the patio is covered with a yellow carpet. Amy and Mark like to clean them up but I love to roll and play in them before they get a chance. The weather has been warm and sunny although I for one look forward to the first snowfall. We are fully decorated with pumpkins and mums and everything looks lovely for our late season guests.

Our Quiet Season begins November 1st although looking at the calendar we are not slowing down with bookings just our rates. Amy and Mark are already planning the Christmas holiday decorations and people are booking rooms for December and the New Year. We are the perfect place to de-stress from all the chaos the holiday season brings. Whether it is a December getaway or a post holiday weekend in January come and relax in front of the fire with our complimentary afternoon tea and a good book. Our Cool Little City of Bath doesn’t shut down for the winter so there is still lots happening all year round.

So if you didn’t get a chance to visit this summer or fall we hope you plan a trip in the Quiet Season and I look forward to greeting you when you arrive.

Happy Fall – Tille


Thank you so much for your generous hospitality. Everything was absolutely perfect. The rooms were amazing and your cooking was delicious. We couldn’t image staying anywhere else. We will be back again soon! Thank you.

- Angela and Dave

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