Fall Chores at the B&B

Oct 25, 2011 | fall, garden, gardening, leaves

The fall chores are piling up – just look at those leaves

Fall Chores at the B&B

and that pile of wood.

Fall Chores at the B&B

Despite the fact we only have two small birch trees in the garden, the patio quickly fills with leaves. I am not much of a raker but I do enjoy laying in the leaves since they cushion the bricks a bit. Stacking the firewood is another big job this time of year. A cord was just delivered this morning and Mark is hard at work stacking it. I can just picture the warm fires in the Great Room fireplace this winter – sometimes I sneak in and lay next to the fire. We also have the garden to cut back and the patio furnture and garden decorations to put away. I am thinking we will be very busy in the coming weeks!


Thank you so much for the very needed rest and relaxation. This was better than home.

- Jon, Kristin, Nathan, and Morgan

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