Christmas Decorating

Saturday, December 11th, 2010 at 2:23 pm

The Christmas decorating is all done. Amy put the finishing touches on it this morning and from my perspective it looks great. We have 4 trees downstairs, one in each of the common rooms and each have their own theme; green and gold in the dining room, silver and white in the parlor, Santa in the gathering room and snowmen in the library. There are lots of little touches too, things Amy and Mark have collected over the years – it definitely is very festive. Add the warm, crackling fire in the fireplace, some Christmas carols and settle in for the season. Now Amy is working on decorations for Sagadahoc Preservations Solstice Celebration on the 18th. In keeping with Solstice traditions, she is doing a very natural theme in silver and white to reflect the colors of winter. There will be white lights and silver stars in the “sky”, swags with “snowballs”, large displays of greens and birds nest symbolizing new life as the centerpieces on the cocktail tables. From what I hear, this is always a fun party and gives people a break from all the holiday rush. Unfortunately, no dogs allowed but maybe someday that will change. Until then, I will enjoy the decorations at home while I curl up in front of this fire.

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