And So It Begins

May 20, 2014 | Uncategorized

Waiting out front to greet guests - Welcome!

Waiting out front to greet guests – Welcome!

Memorial Day Weekend – some call it the unofficial start of summer but we in the B&B business in Maine call it the start of “the Season”. For those of us located close to Bowdoin College, this is always a busy weekend because it is graduation weekend and we are filled with families celebrating this milestone for their child, grandchild, brother or sister.  But this busy full weekend also sets the tone for the next 5 months or so when our rooms are full, tourists fill the streets of Bath and the energy of our quiet town kicks up to a new level. Now some will complain they can’t get their favorite seat at Cafe Creme and parking is difficult to find but this influx brings new life and economic growth – these are good things. If makes me liven up and be prepared for whomever walks through our front door; all the wonderful people from around the world who choose to visit us and our unique, quaint New England town. What a gift that they have chosen us! So I look forward to this time and welcome each one of our guests with enthusiasm and a big thank you for coming!



You have an extraordinary B&B! You spoiled us with your attention and we are grateful. We look forward to staying with you again in the fall. Thank you, thank you!

- Faith and Peter

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