Banners Over Bath

Thursday, April 12th, 2012 at 5:08 pm

Every spring Main Street Bath sponsors a public art dispay called Banners Over Bath. Anyone can pick up a canvas for a small fee and paint a banner to go with that year’s theme. The banners are then displayed downtown on the lampost to brighten up the downtown during the rainy, sometimes muddy, spring in Maine. This year’s theme celebates Bath’s status as one of ten semi-finalists in the national Great American Main Street competition – a competition which we won! I took a walk downtown and took a few pictures to show you but you can also see the banners here or, better yet, take a trip to Bath and see them in person.

Banners 2BOver 2BBath 2B2012 2B004
Banners 2BOver 2BBath 2B2012 2B001
Banners 2BOver 2BBath 2B2012 2B002
Banners 2BOver 2BBath 2B2012 2B003

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