All the Great People…

Jul 25, 2011 | B and B, guests, summer

July is almost over and I have been so busy with guests I haven’t kept up on my blog. I have met so many great people in the past couple months and got to say hello again to some old friends. There was the lovely couple who spent their 40th anniversary with us last year and came back this year for their 41st celebration. And the great couple from New Jersey here hunting for treasures at the many antique shops and flea markets throughout the midcoast. Of the newlywed couple who spent the last night of their honeymoon with us before heading home. With the unusually hot and steamy weather, many guests were wilting and wondering if Maine is always that hot but our Atlanta guest just kept moving and said it felt like home. As for me, the hot weather did me in but I still had energy to greet all the wonderful people who come through the doors and make them feel welcome at my B&B.


What a delightful surprise! Our room was so inviting as was the whole home. Excellent food and company. We wish we could stay longer! - Dave and Kris

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