A Classic Recipe

Jul 19, 2012 | Uncategorized

Guests are always asking Amy for recipes and especially for the cinnamon bread (she just finished baking some as I am typing).  Her rendition of this comes from the classic Betty Crocker White Bread recipe that has been in Betty Crocker cookbooks for decades.  At the end of the recipe, the cookbook gives instructions on making cinnamon bread and here is where Amy adds her own twists.  Instead of white granulated sugar, she uses brown sugar and puts more cinnamon in than the recipe calls for .  We all love cinnamon here but you can add to your own taste if you try it out.  She also does not brush the loaves with butter before baking as it just doesn’t need it.  When baking, place some aluminum foil under the pans as the brown sugar has a tendency to ooze out and over the sides of the pan.  The kitchen is smelling heavenly, maybe I should go see if I need to taste test this batch!

Cinnamon bread

Hot from the oven, the cinnamon bread is cooling on the kitchen counter.


Thank you so much for your generous hospitality. Everything was absolutely perfect. The rooms were amazing and your cooking was delicious. We couldn’t image staying anywhere else. We will be back again soon! Thank you.

- Angela and Dave

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