A Big Announcement

Jul 28, 2012 | Uncategorized

I hope I have your full attention because I have a big announcement – I am getting a little sister!  Amy and Mark just told me that a new Bergamasco puppy will be arriving in our home at the end of September.  The new addition will be named Mirtilla (Italian for blueberry) but we will be calling her Tilly for short.  I am very excited and am planning on being a good big brother – showing her the appropriate way to greet guests, letting her into my garden hideout under the rhododendron bush and letting her play with my toys.  I know she will take some of the attention away from me but I am assured by Amy and Mark that there is plenty of hugs and rubs to go around.  Below is a picture of our new family addition with her mom, Mia.

A Big Announcement

.new little sister, Mirtilla, or Tilly to her family and friends



Wow! We cannot wait to return to this extraordinary B&B!! We loved it here; it has been so comfortable and welcoming. Thanks for a terrific weekend.

- Karen and Jeff

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