Closing for the Season

Sep 21, 2020 | blog

Closing for the SeasonThis year was our 15th anniversary – July 1st marked the day 15 years ago we open the doors of our B&B. Never could we have imagined this past season being what it was. There have been ups and downs with bookings over the years but never a total drop off of reservations. Wow is all we think daily as we continue to navigate through these uncertain and constantly changing times.

That now brings us facing a Quiet Season and Wicked Quiet Season with little prospects for business and increasing costs so we have decided to close for the season on September 30th (honoring reservations already booked for the first weekend in October ) and reopen on April 30, 2021 to begin again!

Many B&B’s are seasonal. We have always chosen to be open and welcome guests year-round enjoying a slower pace, hosting guests during the holidays, and offering special packages during this quieter time. But with Covid-19, added heating costs, no more open windows or outdoor breakfasts we really feel this is best safety-wise and financially.

We truly appreciate all of our guests, the words of encouragement and support from our friends and community and look forward to a busy, successful season in 2021! Until then, continue to follow us on social media as we will be doing some house projects, testing new recipes, and, maybe, finally getting that cookbook together.

Amy and Mark


Your home and your hospitality are both gracious and wonderful. We are very lucky to have stumbled across you and wish you the greatest success.

- Vicky and Taft of the U.K.

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